We create cross platform mobile and web apps

Flutter, React, UX and UI design

Why cross platform?

Reduced development cost
With the Flutter framework, the program can run on multiple operating systems (e.g. Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux) and in browsers from a single common code base. A single team is enough to write the different versions, which can then handle all software development, maintenance and operations.
Vastly increased user pool
The resulting program can be uploaded to all major application stores, and can also be opened in a browser, thus increasing the potential user base by a factor of multiples. The benefit of this is that more channels can be used for marketing than for an app that is only made for native mobile platforms.
Faster iteration, less maintenance
We can react faster to feedback, test new ideas on more platforms. Because updates and bug fixes are only done once, the maintenance time of the application is also reduced to a fraction.

Our team

  • Alex Speiser, Frontend

    Alex Speiser

  • András Timár, Flutter & Android

    András Timár

    Flutter & Android
  • Balázs Gyimesi, Architect & Full-stack

    Balázs Gyimesi

    Architect & Full-stack
  • Bendegúz Bendicsek, AI & Backend

    Bendegúz Bendicsek

    AI & Backend
  • Dóra Miklósi, Tester & Backoffice

    Dóra Miklósi

    Tester & Backoffice
  • Ferenc Gyurkovics, CTO & Mobile

    Ferenc Gyurkovics

    CTO & Mobile
  • György Kovács, Product Design & UX/UI Design

    György Kovács

    Product Design & UX/UI Design
  • Krisztián Sas, Junior Frontend

    Krisztián Sas

    Junior Frontend
  • Levente Pánczél, Architect & Backend

    Levente Pánczél

    Architect & Backend
  • Milán Markó, Frontend & Backend

    Milán Markó

    Frontend & Backend
  • Norbert Sziráczki, CEO & Mobile

    Norbert Sziráczki

    CEO & Mobile

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