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Why choose us?

Exceptional quality
Our core team comprises senior developers with more than a decade of experience in their fields. We have gained our expertise working on projects for high-profile clients such as Virgin, Audi, SAP, Lufthansa or the English National Opera. We combine academic knowledge and market experience to create software solutions of outstanding quality.
We follow the latest agile methodologies in our workflows. We focus on flexibility, scalability, transparency, and efficiency both in our collaboration with our clients and in our development teams. As a result, our work always takes the shortest path to the solution with the highest value.
Cost efficient
We design our solutions with a strong focus on using the latest and most efficient technologies, saving our customers time and money. We have developed several award-winning applications that are built on cross-platform technologies that we have been among the first to adopt and apply in our projects, cutting the cost of mobile app development in half.

Our team

  • András Timár, Flutter & Android

    András Timár

    Flutter & Android
  • Balázs Gyimesi, Architect & Full-stack

    Balázs Gyimesi

    Architect & Full-stack
  • Dóra Miklósi, Tester & Backoffice

    Dóra Miklósi

    Tester & Backoffice
  • Ferenc Gyurkovics, Mobile, Web & Technical Director

    Ferenc Gyurkovics

    Mobile, Web & Technical Director
  • György Kovács, Product Design & UX/UI Design

    György Kovács

    Product Design & UX/UI Design
  • Levente Pánczél, Architect & Backend

    Levente Pánczél

    Architect & Backend
  • Milán Markó, Frontend & Backend

    Milán Markó

    Frontend & Backend
  • Norbert Sziráczki, Mobile & Director

    Norbert Sziráczki

    Mobile & Director

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